You might find out later that the road’ll end in Oahu. Honey, the road’ll even end in Kathmandu.

After 3 months for me and 5 for Ethan, I think we’re officially settled in Hawaii!



“Settling” anywhere usually makes me itch for a new locale but I’m determined to be braver than ever before by remaining in place for now. I mean…living on an island in the middle of gigantic ocean doesn’t make it that hard, but still. Here’s what we’ve been up to lately…

Poe is out of rabies quarantine where he spent the first 60 days on the island. Since coming home, he has proven his value by protecting us from 6″ poisonous centipedes from under the bed, an escargatoire of snails, one cheeseburger-sized cane toad, and the dangers of showering -when he hears the water running he earnestly attempts to pull you away with a curled paw.



It is officially summer in Hawaii, which means we officially caved and bought an air conditioner. Other than that, I’m focused on keeping extra stuff out of our tiny apartment and have already managed to put together a donation pile. Sinking into a less-is-more minimalist lifestyle has felt more true to my tendencies than any other way of living. It feels like being on vacation; cutting out the paradox of choice from an expansive wardrobe and encouraging us to look past the walls of our home for entertainment. Exploring the area’s cool restaurants and coastline keeps every day interesting. Then, when we run out of things to do on land, the ocean offers an equal dose of opportunity.

Last weekend we went kayaking in Kaneohe Bay and saw six or seven sea turtles. It was high tide so the sandbar in the bay was under waist-deep bright blue bathwater and we spent the day snorkeling around and eating Italian subs out of the boat. The weekend prior, we revisited the popular pillbox trail in the midday heat trekking from our front door to Lanikai over a steep gravelly hill.



I got a part-time job at a Kailua kayak shop and an internship with the entomology collection at a museum in Honolulu, which will last until 2018. Perks include free kayak and stand up paddle board rentals, and museum access which is right up my alley once again. I’m hoping to spend the next few months paddling and enjoying planetarium shows, embracing the free time this season provides.



Our Neighborhood, Enchanted Lake, with Kailua & Waimanalo Bays on Each Side

It looks like its going to be a pretty awesome summer and fall if I can manage to shake the feeling that I should be doing things more like everyone else.


Buddha gets it.

Sometimes even someone as determined to live life a particular way as I am can feel bad deviating from what it feels like everyone else is doing (and what our parents and grandparents did before). But no one can ever know if the paths they’ve chosen are “right”, and maybe we’re all just trying to enjoy the ride despite different navigation. This trip just happens to cover a great number of miles, without a house, without children, with fewer status symbols, but one great big love between blue-eyed babes.





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